Tesla battery breakthrough

By @Ellec on Fri, 21st of June, 2019 at 08:06AM ET

With Tesla's acquisition of Maxwell Technologies the company is about to unveil a huge breakthrough in their battery technology which will catapult them 5-10 years ahead of their competitors. The improvements to their core technology will see range increases, cost decreases and more efficient production.

The breakthrough comes from integrating various innovations that Maxwell developed along side Tesla during their years of R&D work. The use of Maxwell's dry coated lithium-ion battery electrodes and super and ultra capacitors will allow Tesla to build faster, cheaper and more efficient batteries and allow rapid charging and discharging of in short bursts.

Tesla is hoping to launch the Model Y with the new batteries as soon as the end of this year or early next. The company will have a drive train and battery investor day later in the year to present these improvements in detail, similar to the Autonomy day early this year. The breakthrough should see ranges equivalent to traditional petrol/diesel cars as well as reduced charging times to the point where they no longer disadvantage the EV driver vs ICE.

One of the important differences between wet and dey electrode technology is the way they are produced. Wet electrodes need toxic chemicals and huge drying ovens that require much more space, longer production time and higher costs. Tesla can slice out this part of the process and reap the rewards on their bottom line and production goals.

This along with the recently announced venture into mining means there is only one game in town when it comes to mass manufacturing of batteries. Do you agree? Let us now what you think in the comments below.