Elon Musk confirms Tesla will (likely) deliver a record quarter

By @Ellec on Wed, 12th of June, 2019 at 01:06PM ET

At a packed Tesla annual shareholder meeting Elon Musk gave investors plenty to smile about. The Billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX shared the state of Tesla with the enthusiastic share holders.

Some of the highlights which have prompted a surge in the Stock Price include

  • Record quarter possible on all levels
  • A Battery and Power train investors day later this year
  • Pickup truck unveil this year

Tesla Mining and Maxwell
“We may get into mining”
Is one of the most interesting comments from Elon Musk. Tesla has been starved for battery cells for a while now. To resolve that they are looking to take control of their own destiny by further vertical integration. Tesla could mine their own Lithium and other cell precursors.

Add to that their recent acquisition of Maxwell Battery Technologies, they could unlock big gains in production rate, range and lower the cost to produce. This will take them yet another step further ahead of their competitors and sure to increase their margins.

Overall it was a positive meeting with lots to be excited about. Musk and his team continue to innovate and consolidate their No 1 position in the BEV world.